A contemporary education system is needed to provide you, the YOUTH, with the learning you need - and deserve - to fulfill your potential, as we believe that you are a nation's human capital and future leader, where the positive changes begin.

Travel is one of the best way to learn.


We are here to facilitate you, the young generation, to discover the world and learn directly from the primary sources. We will do our best to give you a positive experience that is useful for you to ignite ideas and innovations.


Our Thematic Programs will focus on specific subject and destinations, bring the Travelearners to local inspirators that do good in society, connect with them, and experience the local wisdom.


"It is not where you go, it is who you meet and

what you can learn from and contribute to them."


Together, we Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn.

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3D2N adventure in a multi-cultural and multi-racial country and learn directly in the first place from the primary sources.

Singapore Cultural Adventure

Indonesia is well-known for its various spices. Let's learn about it and discover the use of each spices together right on the first place!

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Jelajah Rempah Nusantara

The Latest Learning Travel

Jelajah Rempah Nusantara

It's a breakthrough in the education world, whereby youth discover the world on their own way, with local wisdom. That's the nature of learning.

Septi Peni

Founder of Ibu Profesional Institute