Cultural  Adventure

 A 3D2N adventure with the 5th grade students from School of Life Lebah Putih in a  multi-racial society of Singapore. 

URTravelearner does facilitate schools to conduct their Learning Journey. This time, we collaborate with School of Life Lebah Putih. This trip had already been planned since 9 month ago. We provide several themes and itineraries to choose as well as train the students on “How to Travelearn”. Here is the story of our Travelearning to Singapore... enjoy!

Day 3

Today is our last day in this lion city. We went early in the morning so that we would still got plenty of time to explore the airport before boarding. We decided to go there by MRT (train), which is not only fast, but also able to bypass traffic congestion (if any).

As we arrived at Changi Airport, we immediately went to the group check in counter. Unfortunately, the check-in process took longer than expected. There was only one counter for group check in and we had to wait for the previous passengers that were having some issues.

As we passed through the immigration gate, it turned out that we only had 30 minutes left to explore the airport. Our flight was at Terminal 1, while most of the attractions were at Terminal 2 and 3. Thus, we decided to enjoy everything that we came across along the journey towards the boarding gate. One of them was the Aircraft Marshalling games that can be played together and the players can compete with each others.

The distance from the immigration gate to the boarding gate was quite far. Fortunately, there were trolleys to carry our backpack. Not only convenience, it added fun to our journey! It felt like we were driving a "car" or "tricycle" haha.

As we walked, we observed this "mall-like airport" while chatting with friends and imagining what if we are the one who design the airport.


Time flies, we needed to board the aircraft soon and said good bye see you to this Red Dot Country. Thank you for giving us new experiences and valuable lessons.

While waiting for the plane, some of us were talking to each other about Singapore, about our trip, as well as any random topics, and the rest were playing games... wait... that was not "the rest"... where is the other two boys? Olala it turned out that they sat down in the corner, watching over every planes that come and go.


Bring empty bottles. 

Only limited amounts of liquid items could be brought on board. Thus,

it is recommended to bring empty

water bottles since some airports

do provide drinking water station

inside the waiting room

(after the security screening).

Don't get dehydrated, Travelearners!

Finally, we were back in Indonesia. We stopped by at a seafood restaurant to restore our energy before heading back to our home. As the stomach has already been pleased, everyone was sleeping tightly along the way from Yogyakarta to Salatiga.

Soon as we enter Salatiga, we woke up one by one and started talking again to each other about our imagination and ideas regarding Indonesian development after getting inspiration from Singapore.

Well, every people might see the same thing differently. Let them observe and take their own lessons.

Explore. Dream. Discover.


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Playing Games at Changi Airport