A learning travel to discover the great possibilities of revaluating a product using simple technology and high art.

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Day 3

Photo: Cupudalang

The morning view at our homestay.

Pasar Papringan was opened at 6 am. We woke up early in the morning to enjoy the quite, calm atmosphere of the market.

(The crowd began to appear around 8 am.)

Morning breeze + bamboo + hot steam from the cooking pot + warm traditional food... hmm... such a perfect combination to greet the day!

We had a small talk in the middle of bamboo garden while enjoying some traditional snacks.

Exploring Pasar Papringan.

Here, the transactions between sellers and buyers use a special currency called "Pring". 1 Pring is equivalent to 1000 IDR.

Having breakfast at Pasar Papringan.

Uniquely, the straw that we use to drink the coconut water was made of bamboo!

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We wrapped the journey by discussing what we have learned as well as the inspirations and ideas that come up throughout the Travelearning: Simple Tech High Art.

Lastly, we systemized our project ideas into a project canvas model then share it in front of the others.



See you at the top, guys! Let's travelearn together again someday.